Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Rapunzel Costume

After completing the Flynn Rider's costume, I set to work on the Rapunzel's dress next.  One of my girl will dress up as Rapunzel while my boy will be Flynn Rider this Halloween. 

The Rapunzel's costume consists of a purple dress, complete with the lace at the neckline, puffy sleeves and pink lace in front.  The white lacey petticoat shows from the hem of the dress but instead of wearing a petticoat, I just sewn the lace to the hem.  Attaching the grommets to the bodice was a bit of a challenge though.    After much difficulties,  I managed to finally sourced for the grommets and the tools to attach them in the right size.  I didn't know how to attach them and had to Googled for the instructions.  Didn't know that hammer goes along with dresses!

The dress was done in a day and it is a beautiful one.  I worked on the wig next.  The wig was fairly easy to make.  First, I cut the yarn of desired length, attached them to another piece of yarn and braided them in place.  I attached several flowers to the braids next and it is done!

The girls were delighted with the dress and wig!  I personally feel that the dress is beautiful and it has since become my favourite piece of work.  :)

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