DIY Soft Structure Carrier

I have no idea what did I got myself into when I announced that I will DIY a soft structure carrier (SSC).  
An SSC is a baby carrier that can be used for both front and back carry.  Although I like my Moby Wrap due to it being very comfortable, the ease of use of an SSC caught my attention and interest.   Basically SSC is like a Mei Tai, the traditional baby carrier Asian mothers used to carry their babies around.  Only that SSC has buckles, rather than having to tie the knots as in the Mei Tai.    There are many brands of SSC around.  The popular ones are the Ergo and Boba. Since my two girls are almost past the age and upper weight limit for an SSC, I don’t think investing in it at this point of time is a good idea.  That is when I get the idea of sewing one instead.
I got a set of heavy duty buckles the moment I announced that I am going to sew one.  Good buckles are essential in SSC as they are the support which hold whole piece together.  Next to source are the durable foam for the waist band and fiber for the straps padding.  Choosing the fabric for the body piece is no less difficult as they are just too many nice prints and designs to choose from.  Finally, I settled on a nice big floral print and for the inner piece, I got myself a blue tiny floral print.
Spent a full day working on it.  It could have been done sooner if not for me having to remove the stitching of the straps.  They just didn’t seem right.  Managed to get them right the second time. Reinforcing the seams is very important as we do not want the seams to break apart while carrying a baby.  Assembling and sewing the body piece came next.   The padded straps really got in the way when sewing the body piece.  This is where the tricky part is as it is very difficult to handle the many layers of the body piece fabric and at the same time, getting the straps out of the way.  Finally managed to breathe in relief after the body piece is done.
The final part is to sew the waist band and attach it to the body piece.  This is also another tricky part as the waist band is very thick.  One have to sew very carefully to avoid the breakage of the sewing needle.   Finally, the SSC is done!  Some features of the SSC are :

  1. Reversible body piece, meaning it can be worn inside out
  2. Front pocket to put items such as handkerchief, etc
  3. Side pocket at waist band for small items such as handphone, money, credit cards, etc.
  4. Shoulder strap to prevent handbag from falling off
  5. Slidable chest / back strap for front / back carry
  6. Elastic band for straps to prevent straps from dangling

It is too big for an infant though.  Many mommies advised that I should use it with an infant insert.  However, with my 2.5yo girls, there is no need for the insert.   The SSC is very comfortable to wear my girls with.  Didn’t feel the weight at the waist or the shoulders at all.   Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome.  To think that I can actually DIY an SSC!!!


  1. I like your scc! Do you have a pattern for it?

    1. Happy to know you like it. :)

      I'm sorry to say that it has been some time since I sewn this and I do not have the pattern anymore.

  2. hi! where did you get the foam padding for waist belt?

  3. I got the foam from a craft supply store. A friend of mine who sews her own SSC as well cut apart a yoga mat and used it as the padding.

  4. I am zero knowledge bout sewing. And my question would be kind of stupid 😳😳, just want to know, u are using normal sewing machine and normal thread to sew the ssc? 😀😀😀

    1. Yes, just normal sewing machine and thread. But I ran through the stitches many times to make sure that the stitching is strong


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